Thank you!

Over the past week, support for the Peace Arch Maternity Unit has been overwhelming. Families have sent letters to their local representatives, shared stories, engaged on social, spoken to the media, and vocalized the importance of this unit for our community. Healthcare practitioners have stood together to keep this unit open and to maintain safe care for the community. Politicians have vocalized their commitment to the Maternity Unit. Members of the media have promoted all advocacy efforts and ensured the voices of all stakeholders were heard. This week was a success. In a media release on Friday, January 20th, 2022, the Fraser Health Authority announced a reversal of its decision to close the Peace Arch Hospital Maternity Unit.

Fraser Health has vowed to work with the Ministry of Health to implement an alternative payment model to support pediatric recruitment. They have committed to expanding services, to include a Pediatric Rapid Access Clinic at Peace Arch Hospital.

We commend Fraser Health on the reversal of its decision and its renewed commitment to securing pediatric services. We thank the pediatricians who have given so much to the Maternity Unit to date, and who will continue to offer their time, as we await the fulfilment of promises made by Fraser Health.

Our voices have been powerful this week! While this website will be dormant for the foreseeable time, there may be need for further advocacy in the future. Let’s continue to work together to ensure the Ministry and Fraser Health deliver on their commitment to pediatric services for our growing community.

Many thanks to all involved,

The Peace Arch Maternity Team


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