Peace Arch Hospital to go on extended diversion for maternity care patients: Media Release

In response to a gap in pediatrician availability due to an unexpected leave at Peace Arch Hospital, beginning January 28, 2022, Fraser Health is asking expectant individuals who have pre-existing plans to deliver at Peace Arch Hospital to attend Langley Memorial Hospital for their deliveries.

The diversion will remain in place until we successfully recruit a full complement of pediatricians to support Maternity patients at Peace Arch Hospital.

Fraser Health implemented this extended diversion to ensure we are able to provide the best and safest care for our patients at any time using our extensive network of hospitals and health care services. The diversion does not impact other health care services at Peace Arch Hospital.

While some people will be disappointed by this temporary change as they would like to have their baby born at Peace Arch Hospital for a variety of reasons, Fraser Health is ensuring that all care providers, such as midwives and doulas, who are part of a patient’s care team continue to be part of their delivery team at Langley Memorial Hospital.

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